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Energetic Theme for March

The theme for March is "relationships/partnerships" and with Venus, Mars and Pluto in relationship with one another now, this means our relationships are undergoing an intense reprogramming. I don't know enough about astrology to honestly and accurately explain why all of this is happening, but I do know we are seeing this playing out in Ukraine and Russia right now.

The dynamics of relationships are always around us; we are ALWAYS in relationship with something...with nature, with the seasons, with food, with our own energy and that of others, with money, and so on, and this is a time for looking back at our life and seeing the choices we have made in relationships and partnerships and objectively looking at how those relationships played out.

How were you showing up in your relationships before, and are you showing up differently now?

Were you showing up (at all) in your relationships?

Did you take responsibility for your role in your relationships/partnerships and did that affect the outcome of those relationships?

For so many of us, we are in the "cleaning up" phase of our lives and our relationships. I believe, through my personal and professional experience and knowledge, we ALL need to go through a "clean up" phase, at least occasionally, to transmute repressed emotions and neuroses, in order to fully awaken, and even more importantly, to GROW up! This psychodynamic act of cleaning up old stories, emotions, and habitual patterns allows us to move beyond our current state in the personal sense, as well as in the global sense. Without shadow work, self-inquiry, and conscious awakening, we find ourselves in relationship with others in an entirely egoist and ethnocentric manner believing other beings' points of view aren't valid and valuable and therefore we should discount and even retaliate against them (sound familiar)?

It is only through "cleaning up" our repressed emotions, wounds, and shadows that we are able to fully "SHOW UP" as our mature, authentic, highest self, in a way that few rarely are able to. Much of my coaching work centers around:

  • Who you are in relationship with yourself

  • How you are in relationship with yourself

  • ARE you in a relationship with yourself?

And then we dive into

  • Who you are in relationship to others

  • How you are in relationship to others

  • How to "show up" in relationship to yourself in others

The reality is, it is YOU who is living your life, not someone else, and you always had the power of choice; perhaps you just weren't aware you had this ability, or didn't exercise your power of choice in a way you desired. I know this is true for me, and I have been cleaning up several of my relationships over the last few years. I still have some cleaning up to do, in fact, particularly where my parents are concerned. I understand that my parents were two wounded beings who came together as flawed and hurt people and they certainly weren't showing up as their highest selves, because the people they most looked up to had what I refer to as "dirty relationships,' meaning they also were hurt and wounded people, and never felt as though they too had the power of choice about how they showed up in relationships.

From a generational standpoint, I endeavor to have "clean relationships" with people now, and I also feel more discerning about who I share time and energy with, and how much I share with them. If you ever want to know where your deepest spiritual work lies, it is in relationship with others!

I believe we are in an intense reprogramming and reimagining stage of our relationships; we now are recognizing and exercising the power we have to more blaming, no more shaming, no more fear. We are opening new pathways of the heart now, as we reemerge from the isolation and desperation of a pandemic, with opportunities all around us to create newer and truer relationships.

Here's how you can master the energy of March in your relationships and help master your OWN energy:

  • Tune in to your own energy first. How you can you take care of yourself when you notice you are anxious, or afraid, or hurt? It might be helpful to learn what your love language is and give yourself what you need rather than waiting for someone else to do it for you.

  • Notice how you have evolved in your relationships-it can be helpful to notice how far you have come when it comes to showing up in your relationships seeing where you have grown.

  • Being in relationship with yourself and others requires honesty and taking responsibility for your part in relationships is critical to showing up as our best selves.

  • There is another way you can transmute any pain you may carry from past relationships, or any lingering resentments, anger or fear, and the following link to this powerful Violet Flame Meditation will help you immensely!

I would love to hear how this meditation went for you, and I feel called to remind you there is freedom on the other side of the intense energy March enters with this year-as long as you remember it is with an open heart and an open mind that relationships flourish.

If you would like to know more about "cleaning up"relationships/partnerships, and how to "show up" fully and more authentically in your relationships, with yourself and others, I offer a free 30-minute consultation! Contact me TODAY to discuss how I can help you! Set yourself free and feel the power of choice!


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