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What Remains Hidden...

"What has been hidden from us has been hidden within us."

Meggan Watterson

Mary Magdalene Revealed

Wait...WHAT? What the heck is she talking about? How much has been hidden from us? And what has been hidden within us?

I had never really considered these two questions before I read the book, Mary Magdalene Revealed, and before I had begun diving into the divine feminine. I never considered that I was being conditioned to believe in something that wasn't true...and perhaps you have done the same. It's possible you aren't even aware of what 'conditioning' is (FYI-it has nothing to do with your muscles or hair). I also refer to it as 'programming,' and it is the same as conditioning, really. Let's look at a few examples and see if any of these sound familiar:

It's hard to know where to begin, because this has been going on for SO long! Let's start with Mary Magdalene, as an example. You may be familiar with her depiction as a prostitute, whom Jesus essentially 'saved' and helped to achieve salvation. There is so much here to clarify, and you honestly should read the book yourself, and/or join in on the book talk beginning Thursday, July 7th, at 6:30 pm. because you will discover she was never a prostitute AT never ever...and in fact, when you learn the facts about her, you discover she was actually the very first Apostle. Now, that is a return from grace, if I have ever heard of one, but it took a man to save her.

Mary Magdalene serves as a classic model of the conditioning we have been programmed to receive-in which women are either virgins or prostitutes, and there is no in-between. And this implies that being one or the other is a less-than optimal choice, which I strongly disagree with. Too much emphasis is placed on being a virgin in my mind (which is part of the programming we have received), implying that you are 'pure' which is definitely something a man came up with so that he can be the first in line when a virgin is presented to him, rather than 'used goods,' as in you're a prostitute now because you 'did the thing,' and your value just decreased.

Here's another example of the (at best), mixed messages, and at worst, lies we have been led to believe: "You can be and do anything you want to do if you just work hard enough."

This cultural phenomenon of "having it all" was purported to be an incredibly worthwhile endeavor, and if you simply dressed and acted like a man you could have it all...I can attest to the fact that wearing suits in order to seem more 'corporate' and doing ALL the things got me JACK SQUAT other than a near ulcer, exhaustion, and a big dose of disappointment in my bi-weekly paychecks that vastly undervalued and demeaned the work I was doing, and I fortunately I wasn't trying to raise a family at that time because, and this is an easy segue into the next problematic area we women face, Motherhood.

Being a Mother, and the choice to do so, or to not do so, is, as we can clearly see, fraught with the judgment of others, and with whom the decision lies. I can say unequivocally that it has been my greatest joy, and my greatest challenge to be a mother to two incredible beings. It is a responsibility unrivaled by anything else, and I am still not convinced that it is for everyone, even though I believe all of us are mothers in so many ways; regardless of gender; it is a, wise and full. It is a frequency of pure love and acceptance. Just as Mother Earth gives us a sense of belonging, and nurturing, and provides all we will ever need, so too does the energy of motherhood.

I was conditioned as a young woman to believe I had limited choices when it came to careers; teacher, nurse, secretary, mother, or, in my case, a famous model, or a wife. I include a career as a wife in this example because what else would I be qualified to do other than be a wife, or a Mom in that particular era? I would possess no actual 'skills,' and if I did, they certainly weren't 'marketable skills.' I included becoming a famous model, because I was on that path from a young age. I was my father's favorite model growing up and was the subject of many advertising campaigns and brochures and really believed I could 'make it' in the world of modeling. However...I was also a damned good secretary, which was my back up plan in between modeling gigs, and boy, oh boy could I ever multitask! I could manage up to 4 incoming calls, type a lease agreement, and make coffee like nobody's business, and I felt confident I could do this for a living if the whole modeling thing didn't work out, which it didn't...because I was told I was simply "too short, too fat, had a crooked nose," and frankly...I grew tired of playing 'the game.'

It became clear to me that my value as a human being was based solely upon how I looked. Period. And I was being judged by people who had little knowledge or investment in any other fine qualities I may have possessed. My ability to 'play the game' meant I could not age, lest my value diminish, and it also was strongly implied that I would allow my value to be determined by others whom had zero stake in my mental and emotional well-being. I was there solely to look pretty and be quiet. In fact, these 'other' people seem to prefer you NOT speak up about ANYTHING, really...EVER. So, as we naturally age, which is something we ALL do, our worth will naturally decline, and when our skin sags, or wrinkles, or our body changes its appearance, we will need to do something about an effort to at least attempt to retain some value.

The most detrimental thing to come out of these deceitful, huge, ugly lies is that our very worth, as women, and as human beings, has remained hidden from us, and within us. I have met very few women (as in I can count them on one hand, with one finger, and even then she thought she was valuing herself and discovered 'not-so-much'). If you're like me, you have hidden your worth in an effort to stay small, to not make waves, or to avoid being "too much," in other's eyes. You have not only devalued yourself, but others have followed suit, thinking it appropriate and culturally acceptable to do so.

Hidden within us are vast treasures, as natural and complex and intricate as the greatest marvels in nature, and I'm afraid we still view them as secrets or mysteries that remain hidden. The fact that they remain hidden, and we, as women, remain hidden has become my greatest sadness and bringing these hidden parts of ourselves and our world into the light has become my greatest passion. I still love to do energy work, and most likely always will, as it allows me to tap into the masculine and feminine energies that exist within all of us, and find the balance between them, in order to find greater alignment with who we are meant to be, with our true nature, and for the greatest and highest good of ALL.

If you haven't already become aware of how deeply embedded our world is with toxic masculine energy, and how much it has cost us, as women, and as humanity, to have so little feminine energy evident, you simply aren't paying attention. We are cut off from the source of life: from the planet we live on, the ultimate source of all our belongings. The masculine, action-based model repudiates all feminine instincts and values, and it runs counter to who a woman is. And we are ALL suffering because of it. We are cut off from our creativity, from the wild mystery and freedom which makes our hearts sing. The world we live in currently is a "rootless place," as Sharon Blackie writes in her book, "If Women Rose Rooted."

What has been hidden from us is our own Divine, Feminine nature, and our ability to operate in such a way in this world. There is a hollowness to our lives as the world is reflected in our souls. Instead of following our instincts and discovering what gives us joy, and what makes our hearts sing, we spend most of our time trying to make other people happy, and rarely succeeding, if ever. "We squeeze ourselves into tiny boxes and live from our heads rather than our hearts and instincts, and wonder why we feel so empty and depleted...just like Mother Earth."

Sharon Blackie also states the following, and this is the juiciest and most real part of her writing and her wisdom, I feel, "This is the the core of our task: to respect and revere ourselves and so bring about a world in which women are respected and revered, recognized once again as holding the life-giving power of the Earth itself." I cannot stress enough how transformative and essential I believe this is. And I intend to do my part in service of womanhood, and all of humanity, and the Earth, to uncover what has been hidden for far too long now.

If you are interested in learning more, and discovering more about what has been hidden from you and within you, check out my most recent offerings as I am offering a 6-week course in the Divine Feminine beginning July 13th, 2022. Due to demand, I am offering some sessions in-person and others virtually. I would love to speak with you to determine if this course is for you, or to answer any questions you may have about this topic, or energy, or womanhood, or you simply wish to complain about trying to squeeze yourself into a tiny box and are feeling depleted. I am here for it!

You can find the link to the course and to the book talk on Mary Magdalene Revealed on my website,,, just make sure you sign up for the in-person OR virtual group, depending on your circumstances and location.

This course is for you if you:

-desire to be seen and heard

-desire connection and support from other women

-seek to further develop your intuition and foster greater trust in the unknown and unseen

-wish to spark your creativity

-desire peace and a sense of groundedness in your body, mind and spirit

-and if you desire to liberate yourself from your conditioning and programming.

This course is NOT for you if you:

-are comfortable where you are at in your mind, body and spirit

-do not desire to be with others and process as a group (then you might want to consider signing up for my one-on-one coaching program)!

-have no interest in learning how you have been conditioned and programmed to believe you are "less than" or "not enough."

-have no desire to break free from a cycle of suffering and pain

-are already feeling creative and don't need a spark of creativity in your life

-already feel at peace and are grounded in your body and in your authenticity and feel as though nothing can 'throw you off balance."

-I look forward to truly seeing you, in all of your divine, indescribable majesty on the 13th, or on the 7th, in the book talk, via Zoom, or in a one-on-one coaching session!

Peace is a gift we give ourselves when we truly honor who we are and allow all else to fall away.


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Wow! I so love this blog post! The Divine Feminine! ✨️ Your passion is blossoming throughout this entire beautiful post! I see roses 🌹🌹🌹opening up and shining their vibrant light from top to bottom, reflecting you!

Thank you for speaking your Truth and wanting to share it with all of us! Your vision is a beautiful gift that our world needs right now! It continues to blow my mind as I'm finding out more and more about what has been hidden from us. And the trickier part is dissolving all of that conditioning, and transforming and transmuting all of that negative energy into useful, powerful, positive energy and actions!

I'm so amped up to continue reading Mary Magdalene Revealed and…

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